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Established in 1991, Greenline Design, Inc. is a landscape design-build firm that promotes inspired outdoor living through beautification.  


Registered Landscape Contractor and lifelong North Carolinian Hugh Crump began his career working for a large commercial landscape firm prior to finding his niche in the small, boutique-style residential arena.  Hugh greatly enjoyed the individualized, collaborative nature of residential work and further honed his craft with the creation of Greenline Design.  With a focus on opulent design elements such as boxwood knot gardens, customized water features, and adaptive hardscaping (to name a few), Greenline's understanding of luxurious design has generated many opportunities over the years to work with some of the nation's premier high-end residential landscape architects.


What's your vision of the perfect outdoor living space?  Whether it's symmetrical and perfectly manicured, colorful and cozy, or rustic and wild, we're here to turn that vision into a reality.  

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