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Our design services are collaborative and fully customizable to meet your unique objectives.


-Horticultural / Plant health reviews

-Evaluations of current services / service providers

-Quality control

-Lot evaluations for new construction projects

-Simple conceptual recommendations


-New construction master planning

-Existing master planning for renovations

-Planting plans

-Pools & terraces

-Outdoor living spaces

Project Management:

-Project budgeting & bid analysis

-Construction oversight 

-Material selection approvals

-Client liaison

Our design process begins with a verbal consultation to get to know our clients and determine design goals, followed by an on-site consultation.  Occasionally, this meeting results in an "instant sketch' for clients who seek a) general advice regarding layouts, themes, plant types, b) moderate garden refresh ideas, and/or c) new feature enhancements (such as a planting plan for a new pool, etc.).

More often, we move into a conceptual design phase after the initial consultation.  A focused, in-depth study takes place to determine site-specific requirements/limitations and how they align with the client's objectives.  Once options are presented, a formal hand-drawn, to-scale plan may be presented, suitable for construction.

For large-scale remodels and/or new construction projects, fully rendered design documents in CAD format will be produced as the final phase of the design process.  This level of detail is critical to the success of new builds, but also extremely helpful for the discerning client with a strong vision.

Contact us today to discuss your outdoor living ideals and we'll be happy to devise an approach that best suits your needs.




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